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 – practice your short game in the privacy of your own backyard –

What sets Vanisle Turf apart from other putting green installation companies is our attention to detail, our knowledge of golf, and our dedication to quality and customer service. Our designers are experts in golf green design. We have mastered the techniques of planning out and installing putting greens that are challenging, long lasting, and true to PGA caliber tour greens in their performance.

We use premium synthetic turf to achieve a durable, long lasting putting green that will give you the look, feel, and ball play of a natural grass installation, without the tedious and costly upkeep associated with natural grass golf greens. We pay particular attention to slope undulations, so that you can practice your short game right from your own home, experimenting with different angles, approaches and putting techniques.

We can incorporate chipping areas into your backyard putting green to give you even more variety in the shots and play available to you and to your family. We also specialize in designing stacked sod bunkers, sand bunkers and tee lines and other pro-golf amenities you’d expect to see at your local country club.

Our turf is all manufactured in North America, and meets strict quality standards to ensure its lasting performance and its durability. The turf, pad and infill we use is specifically designed for golfing installations, and that, combined with our unique installation techniques results in a surface that is second to none, for both pro and amateur golfers alike.

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 – always safe for kids and pets –

Similar to the unmatched quality and durability of our backyard putting greens, our artificial grass installations are second to none. The synthetic grass we use has been engineered to withstand heavy traffic, and the elements. Unlike some mediocre artificial grass, our turf is made from premium materials and undergoes meticulous scrutiny to ensure each and every blade meets our rigorous standards. The grass has been engineered to maintain its color and to resist matting, which is commonly seen in lesser quality turf.

Additionally, we use a premium infill, specific to your particular needs. We can custom design artificial grass landscaping to accommodate challenging pet situations, sporting use, pools, spas and more. Here are some of the specific applications we can install artificial turf for:

  • Backyard lawns and landscaping
  • Surrounding intricate architectural elements which would be difficult to maintain with real grass
  • Sports fields, playgrounds and backyard play areas
  • Pet turf and dog runs
  • Pool and spa surrounds
  • Front yard landscaping for increased curb appeal
  • Heavily trafficked areas such as commercial installations and schools

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